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Whats "Simple! Pong" ?

Simple! Pong is the first game of the Simple! series remade on the SIGIL library! The Simple! Games series consists of remakes of classic games to practice videogame programming and learn from the different processes that takes place in videogame development.

Being this game the first in the series means it will be as important as the rest of the games, because having a clean and an understadable code is crucial in game development. 

Ok,but what exactly is Simple! Pong?

Its a classic game of Pong, but it includes some changes and new features that are standard on these days. The game has these features:

- Interactive Menu!
- New sounds and a background song!
- New visuals!

Tools Used


- Bosca Ceoil

- Bfxr

Install instructions

Download the .zip, extract it and execute the ".exe"!
The res folder contains the assets, please do not delete it.


SIGILSimplePongv1.0-Win32-Release.zip 2 MB

Development log

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