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Simple! Asteroids v1.0 Released!

Student Proyect by Franco Vega

Whats "Simple! Asteroids" ?

Simple! Asteroids is the sequel to the first game of the Simple! series (and also my 2nd game). The Simple! Games series consists of remakes of classic games to practice videogame programming and learn from the different processes that takes place in videogame development.

This sequel,as you may have guessed, is a remake of the classic game "Asteroids". To make it more pleasant to the naked eye, I have added new visuals,sounds and even interactive menus!

Ok,but what exactly is Simple! Asteroids?

Its a classic game of Asteroids, but it includes some changes and new features that are standard on these days. The game has these features:

- Interactive Screens with animated background.
- Different settings such as resolutions and volume modification.
- Instead of moving the player with traditional arrows keys, the controls scheme is now 90% based on the mouse.
- New visuals.
- New sounds and songs!
- TWO new Powerups!

  1. Invincibility Powerup: Makes you invincible to any asteroids for 5 seconds.
  2. Max Rapid Fire Powerup: You will be able to shoot way faster for 5 seconds.

Additional Thanks

I want to say thanks to all the people who helped me test and improve the game! The information they gave me was really valuable!

Tools Used

- Raylib

- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe Photoshop

- Bfxr

- Bosca Ceoil

Install instructions

Once you downloaded the .zip file :

1. Extract it anywhere you want.

2. Go to the "Release" folder.

3. Execute "asteroids.exe" (dont delete the "res" folder as it contains every asset used in the game)

4. Enjoy!


SimpleAsteroidsv1.0-Win32-Release.zip 2 MB

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