A downloadable game for Windows

College Assigment made with Unity

First Contact is a little game inspired by Lunar Lander , we will be using this game as a reference to practice the functionality of Unity 2D. The game will contain most of the content from its predecessor plus new stuff.


  • Arrow keys to rotate the lunar module.
  • Up Key or SPACEBAR to boost your lunar module.
  • P to Pause the game.
  • Q to bring up the Cheats Screen.



DISCLAIMER: The game doesn't include any sounds, so play something in the background if you need to!

Install instructions

About the downloads:

Download the v1.1 version if you want to play the lastest stable version of the game.

Download the v1.2 BETA if you want  to play the game with the local database function : this function includes user registration, where you can edit your profile data as well as uploading your highscore! Its includes the installation of other applications to set up your local database too. It's an extra step, but I decided to upload it anyways since its a nice feature I managed to get it work.

On the v1.2 version, there is a README file detailing all you need to do in order to get the game working 100%.

About the installation:

Extract First Contact.rar and execute the .exe file!


First Contact v1.1.rar 14 MB
First Contact v1.2 BETA.rar 14 MB

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